Twin Decoiler



  • Rigid Fabricated Structure.
  • Three / Four Self Centering Coil-location jaws. With mechanical gear reducer for models above 2.5 Tonne.
  • The Spindle & Coil holding heads housed in mechanical & precised machined housing & rotates on dust proofed sealed bearing element.
  • All motorised decoilers are chain driven soft start & stop through mechanical torque limiter & friction drag brake.
  • Drive System : A.C. Fixed Speed /A.C. Variable Speed (optional)
  • Control Panel with Suitable loop control system to maintain loop of coil for the machine via Antenna Type loop sensors / limit arm through limit Switches / Photosensors
  • In Twin Spindle Decoiler, two mandrels are housed on a Turret and Turret is supported on antifriction bearings for reducing friction while indexing. Turret is locked by spring loaded plunger & released by foot pedal.
  • (This is for quick coil-changeover & saving coil loading time.)


  • All units are available in non motorized version with drag brake.
  • Electro Magnetic / Pneumatic Brakes.
  • Coil hold-down (hydraulic / pneumatics ) for springy materials.
  • Hydraulic Jaws Expansion.
  • Decoilers with Shafting & Key to load bobbin.
  • Limit arm through limit Switches/Photo sensors.
  • Other Special features on request.
  • Twin Motorised Uncoiler ( Standard Models ) (Vertical)

    Model Max.
    Weight kg
    Width (mm)
    Centre Height
    from Floor
    Occup. Area (mm)
    L.     W.     H.
    TD-5 500X2 150 300 to 500 Mech Screw Type 1000 0.5X2 900 2000X2000X1800
    TD-10 1000X2 300 330 to 450 Mech Link Type 1200 0.75X2 1006 1850X1850X1600
    TD-16 1600X2 300 330 to 450 Mech Link Type 1200 1.0X2 905 2100X2100X1730
    TD-25 2500X2 400 420 to 530 Mech Link Type 1200 1.5X2 1220 2250X2250X1900

    All above equipments are designed for Line speed of 22 Mtrs. Per Minute.

    Models of higher capacity or Higher or Lower Line speeds are available on request.

    Technical specifications are indicative and subject to change to suit end application.