Press Room Automation


Press Room Automation group put their small steps in promoting Press Automation in 1986 in an under developed Indian Market. In 1995 with wind of globalisation, need of automation increased manifold, company went as focusing in adding the range sophistication to meet end customer needs

We were first to introduce following products.

  • First Indian Pneumatic Feeder.
  • Concept of complete automated lines in small scale & medium scale industry.
  • First to introduce Heavy Duty Press Feed lines for 6mm to 10mm thickness coils for Automobile segment.
  • Precision Component Leveller with full automation for loading & unloading.
  • First NC Servo Roll Feeder.
  • Multi-Station Flexible Punching Press with programmable feed length & programmable punching sequence for lighting & related long length sheet metal components needed with complete manufacturing & quick change over flexibility.
  • Economical, Sophisticated, Automated Cut to Length Lines for thin / delicate full width coils.
  • About Us

    Automation helps to improve productivity and profitability. Yet, when we started operations over decade ago, the situation was not very favourable in India. Press automation was almost nil, and the market was very small. But our determined efforts had help to create the market, slowly but surely.


    Since the beginning the company has continuously developed Press Feed and Coil Handling equipment to fulfil customer's needs. Our guiding principle has been the desire to make simple system with proper design, excellent manufacturing, stringent quality control, and skilled installation. We provide best Application Engg. & Prompt after Sales service through out the country.


    Based on the regular market feed-back, existing products are improved and new products are designed. The company spends about 5% of it's turnover on product development work.


    With a vast range of products, we can offer the complete line or only the add-on equipment to retrofit your present line.


    Apart of covering the whole of India, our machines are also being exported to countries in Italy / Israel / Middle East.


    Now, looking beyond horizon, the company has collaborated with other reputed international companies to improve and increase the product range.

    Today company is already exporting complete lines in Middle East facing global competition and leaving their name in the field. The company had already tied-up with International giants for offering on complete technological solution in future automating the sheet metal component manufacturing.

    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
    Pneumatic Feeders
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